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Egypt's Thndr Launches Campaign to Encourage Female Investors

The platform has made strides in democratising investment since launching in 2019, yet one target still remains.

In a bid to democratise investment and raise awareness of gender inequality within the financial sector, Y Combinator-backed investment platform, Cairo-based Thndr, has launched a new social media campaign geared at empowering women to begin investing.

The campaign, which involves encouraging women to share their experiences with investing online, is working to break the status quo, disrupt the investment world, and help more women capitalise on the opportunities that spring from investing.

Founded in 2019 by Seif Amr and Uber Egypt’s former General Manager Ahmad Hammouda, Thndr is a commission-free investment platform simplifying investments in stock, bonds, and funds in hopes of helping more Egyptians achieve financial freedom.

Thndr not only makes investment more accessible through removing commissions and account-opening minimums, but by equipping users with the tools and market-knowledge necessary to navigate the Egyptian finance sector.

So far, the social media campaign has been yielding promising results. Women accounted only for 5% of investors active on Thndr before the launch of the campaign, a number which has risen since the start of August to 10% of total investors.