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Egypt to Start Building Walls Around Airports?

A 5km wall is currently in construction around the perimeter of Hurghada International Airport.

In the wake of multiple tragedies surrounding Egyptian airports and Egyptian airlines, the Civil Aviation Ministry and the whole of Egypt is desperately trying to prove it's safe to travel to Oum el Donia. As of Tuesday, building a solid concrete wall is now officially part of Egypt's way of encouraging the British government to lift the ban on flights to Egypt and encourage its citizens to return here, as construction begins on a concrete wall surrounding the perimeter of Hurghada International Airport.

Based on a report by AlMasryAlYoum, Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fatehy, and British Ambassador to Cairo John Casson, attended a contract signing ceremony on Tuesday for the security company Restrata to consult with Falcon Group on the construction of a wall during the coming months. Casson believes this will seriously improve the chances of his government lifting the ban soon. The contract also stipulated that Restrata will provide training for Falcon Group over a duration of six months for 7,000 security personnel. Falcon Group personnel were all hand selected for hire by the Civil Aviation Ministry to further enhance security at Egypt's airports, in particularly at the passenger and baggage checkpoints.

This wall is going replace the original fencing along Safaga-Hurghada highway. The estimated distance is 5 kilometers with a height of 2.5 meters. The wall will be fully outfitted with surveillance cameras to be monitored by security authorities.

The concrete for the wall is already being poured around the airport as the barbed wire is being torn down. This part of the construction was started by Egypt's own Civil Aviation Ministry as part of a plan to increase security at all of Egypt's airports. In fact, the construction on the wall started earlier this week following security inspections of passenger and baggage security checkpoints at airports throughout Egypt by committees from Europe. 

Although it won't improve the view, we truly hope it helps improve security and bring tourists back to the country we call home.