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Egyptian Government to Shut Down New Cairo British International School for License Violations

New Cairo’s British International School will shut down at the end of the academic year for failing to follow through with licensing procedures despite operating since 1978.

The New Cairo British International School will shut down at the end of the academic year, as per a directive by the Ministry of Education. The decision was made after the ministry found that the institution does not have a license, students are not officially registered, and the Department of Educational Administration does not possess any student documents, according to Egypt Independent. The school was also officially warned multiple times by the ministry for increasing their fees and quoting them in British Pounds.

The school was established in 1978 and operates as an NGO. Over the course of the years, the institution was instructed several times by the ministry to go through official licensing procedures. But according to Tarek Talaat, director of the Department of Private Schools in the ministry, the school’s owners ignored these instructions, which prompted the decision to shut it down.

Talaat encourages parents, who will now have to search for new schools, to go through the ministry’s website and select one of the listed academic institutions. According to a source that spoke to Al-Ahram, other schools in Egypt will be facing legal action for violating licensing laws and exceeding the threshold for tuition fees.

Photo: NCBIS