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Egyptian Man Run Over 10 Times in Kuwait

An Egyptian man was allegedly run over ten times in the Hawaly district of Kuwait, and his friends badly beaten, after an altercation at a toy store.

In a recent incident that’s causing controversy online an Egyptian expat was run over by a mob of 15 Kuwaitis outside his place of business, a toy store in the Hawaly district. The altercation allegedly occurred when the Egyptian shop owner along with two of his Egyptian friends had three Kuwaiti customers, and had an argument inside the shop. Following this, they were asked to leave the store, where the Kuwaiti according to Al Ahram news responded, “If you’re a man wait for 30 minutes and don’t close your store.” 

A few minutes later the costumer returned with 15 people, who proceeded to drag the men out of the shop and onto the streets where they were attacked. They were beaten repeatedly and one man was run over with a vehicle over 10 times, and is now dead, while the other two men are in the hospital where one of them is in critical condition and the other is in stable. Kuwaiti authorities are already working on deporting them. 

No statement has been made or action taken by the Egyptian Embassy in regards to the incident which took place. However local activists have taken to social media using the hashtag "هوشه_حولي" which translates to the Hawaly Fight to express their anger over the incident which took place on a public street for over 30 mins, with no police interference whatsoever. It's to be noted also that this whole incident according to RM News happened because of the price of a toy, in the victim's toy store.

There is an existing link to the video capturing the event, which we chose not to include in the article due to its graphic nature.