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Egyptian Police Seize 32 Million EGP Worth of Rare Drugs in Nasr City

The Health Ministry has impounded thousands of pharmaceutical drugs currently in short supply, from an unlicensed warehouse managed by two non-medical professionals.

Large amounts of local and imported medicines, as well as medical solutions were seized by Egypt’s Health Ministry from an unlicensed Nasr City warehouse on Monday, reports Al-Masry Al-Youm. According to the Health Ministry’s spokesperson, Khaled Megahed, the value of the seized items amounts to about 32 million EGP, making it one of the biggest local impoundments ever.

Two non-medical professionals were said to be managing the unlicensed warehouse. Thousands of the drugs seized are currently unavailable in the local market. They included medical solutions and inhalational anaesthetics, which are legally prohibited from use outside of hospitals, according to the Chairperson of the Central Administration for Pharmaceutical Affairs, Rasha Zeyada. Thus, any financial gains from selling these drugs are considered illegal.

The Health Ministry continues to conduct rigorous investigations and inspections in drug stores throughout Egypt in a bid to control and regulate illegal trading.