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Egyptians Banned From Turkey Without State Permission

As tensions continue to escalate between Egypt and Turkey, the government announces new travel bans...

Since the removal of Morsi, relations between Egypt and Turkey’s government have continued to deteriorate due to their support of the former MB leader. In a move that will surely make relations worse, Egypt's government announced a new regulation that bans travel to Turkey without approval from state security.

For weeks, many speculated over social media platforms that regulation was in the works, only to be finally confirmed by Egypt’s Ministry of Interior on Saturday. The new regulation seems to stipulate that the ban is only in effect for Egyptians aged 18-40. According to the Ministry of Interior’s spokesman, Hany Abdel-Latif, the new regulation has been put in place to prevent further Egyptians from joining militant group ISIS.

The news broke on Saturday and was quickly enforced as the Associated Press estimate that more than 200 people were travelling to Turkey only to find out they are prohibited from doing so for not obtaining the proper permission.

As it stands the same restrictions apply to Egyptians choosing to travel to Syria or Iraq. Although it is unclear how many Egyptians have joined the militant group, security sources indicate the number is in the hundreds. Obviously we can't substantiate these claims, but we can say for certain that we know of at least one Egyptian Hipster, who was reported to have been killed on a suicide mission only to be resurrected on social media denying the claims of his death.