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Frenchman Beaten To Death

French citizen killed in Cairo prison attack...

On Tuesday, Eric Lang, a French citizen, 49, was killed in an attack by cell mates in a Cairo police station. The French man was arrested for breaking a night-time curfew in the Zamalek neighbourhood, a foreigner populated district in Cairo.

The man, described as a teacher, was placed in Qasr Al-Nil police station, where he was attacked by other cellmates, and later died of the subsequent injuries. The police have placed six cellmates in custody as they begin investigating the attack and the “bodily harm resulting in death” according to a judicial source. Security officials believe that he died from “internal hemorrhaging” and a “skull fracture”.

At the time of the arrest the victim failed to provide a valid visa. The French embassy claims the man was a long-term resident of Egypt, and have asked for further clarification from judicial authorities about the circumstances resulting in his death.