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Heinz Egypt Claims Leaked Video of Below-Standard Tomato Processing is 'Misleading'

A video that Heinz Egypt claims as 'misleading' leaked last week, showing two men throwing what appears to be unsorted or even inspected tomatoes into a ketchup-making machine.

The Egyptian maker of one of the world’s most famous ketchup brands, Heinz Egypt, is fighting back, calling a recently-leaked video of below-standard tomato processing as “misleading.”

The leaked footage spread virally last week, showing two men throwing piles of what appear to be unsorted or inspected tomatoes into an outdoor machine. The video was instantly met with social media rage questioning both the quality and hygiene policies of the factory.

Looking to settle fears, Heinz Egypt published a statement on Saturday in both English and Arabic expressing that "The recent story concerning our tomato factory in Egypt is completely misleading and inaccurate," adding that, "The edited footage provides an unreal picture and neglects (some) processing stages, thus giving a wrong impression."

The company failed to provide any video or photographic evidence to bolster their claims that they enforce the highest production standards.