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ISIS Takes Over Fiver-Star Hotel

A 262 room former five-star hotel in Iraq is now an ISIS resort. We don't imagine they'll be taking any bookings soon...

Well, here’s some really weird news for you, folks… Well, it depends on what your perspective of weird is but ISIS has captured and re-opened a five-star hotel for themselves. Yes, you read that correctly.

Ever since Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, was taken over by these fanatics, they have decided to make what was once the five-star luxury Ninawa International Hotel a “home” even renaming it the Inheritors Hotel.

You could say this is for propaganda to influence the young to join their ridiculous cause by promoting that they have control of a beautiful area and that any who wishes to go to the hotel, must join the cause.

According to one person's review on TripAdvisor - obviously from a while back - the hotel has “262 rooms and suites, also there are two ballrooms, two restaurants, [a gymnasium], swimming pool, tennis, and many other facilities.” TripAdvisor has since taken the hotel off its site.