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International Day of Solidarity

Various revolutionary movements are calling for an International Day of Solidarity on Saturday, calling for the abolition of the protest law and the release of all political prisoners.

Several revolutionary movements have emerged with a call for an International Day of Solidarity on Saturday June 21 against the protest law and the thousands of political detainees and prisoners who still remain in prison throughout Egypt.

The movements include Mosireen, Free Mahienour and 7akemoohom (Place Them on Trial). Mosireen has put together a tumblr where supporters of the day can go for more information and (help) organise protests in Egypt or internationally. The page includes a list of some of the most prominent detainees from among the thousands in prison, as well as statements of solidarity in condemnation of the protest law and/or political detainees from Amnesty International, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal RIghts and various other organizations.

The event on Facebook has gathered 536 attendees to date for a march to Itihadeya Presidential Palace, while the International Day of Solidarity itself has drawn only 677 attendees. Since the protest law was passed last November. Various international organisations have voiced major concerns over the law, and the perceived crackdown on freedom of speech in Egypt.