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Israeli Television Broadcasts Six Egyptian Soap Operas

The announcement prompted calls to legally challenge Israeli television's 'piracy' of Egyptian creativity.

Israeli Channel 33 announced plans to broadcast six popular Egyptian soap operas on Israel’s Arabic-speaking broadcast station. Channel 33 has previously aired Egyptian soap opera El Ostoura (The Legend) starring Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan last year, Al-Masry Al-Youm reports.

The broadcasting plan took off last week by showing Afrah El Qobba (Joys of The Dome), Grand Hotel and Nelly We Sherihan. They are to be followed in March by Fawq Mostwa Al Shobahat (Above Suspicion), Heya we Da Vinci (Her and Da Vinci) and Al Qaysar (Caesar). Most of the above shows premiered on Egyptian television during Ramadan last year. 

In a statement to Al Masry Al Youm, Mohamed El Hennawy, screenwriter of Heya we Da Vinci, called the Israeli broadcaster’s programming plans illegitimate and said it constituted piracy of Egyptian creativity. Hennawy called on Egyptian production companies to fight back and legally challenge Israel’s Channel 33’s actions.