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Longest Smuggling Tunnel From Gaza to Sinai Blown Up

The longest tunnel between Gaza and Sinai found to date led straight into the apartment of an Egyptian weapons smuggler...

Hamas are having a nightmare as their longest (and probably most illegal) tunnel from Gaza to Sinai has been discovered and, consequently, been blown up. The tunnel, outfitted with electricity and phone lines, is the longest tunnel to be found so far that was essential in smuggling weapons and militants across borders. The Egyptian Army states they have destroyed over 1600 of these tunnels so far. With that kind of number, however, who knows if this tunnel is even the longest one...

With increasing terror in the Sinai region around the Gaza border, the search for illegal passageways that are operated by the Palestinian military wing of Hamas has been heightened in an effort to put a hold on the deadly development of the region. A tunnel found earlier this month (only 1200 metres long, but still) with impressive amounts of explosives in it led right into the apartment of an Egyptian smuggler. Busted, or what?