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MB Kicked out of Tahrir

A Muslim Brotherhood demonstration in downtown Cairo was quickly quashed by local shopkeepers.

Almost every couple of weeks, rumours spread of the Brotherhood taking Tahrir. It happens so often that it barely registers as a threat. Upon hearing that the government has laid down new grass and cleaned it up, the remnants of the Brotherhood decided that last night was their last chance.

This obviously resulted in clashes, however, it wasn't the army or the police who confronted them. It was actually the shop owners, street vendors and onlookers who clashed with the Pro-Morsi protesters and were able to disperse them before security forces arrived.

The whole confrontation ended as quickly as it started. The official Facebook page of the Muslim Brotherhood announced the protest by the “youth against the coup” at Talaat Harb, minutes away from Tahrir. Despite the fact that clashes ended quickly, the police arrived at the scene and managed to arrest several protesters, but there still hasn't been any exact figures on how many were detained.