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McDonald's Invest 1B in Egypt

Yes, we would like fries with that.

You know what you never see in Egypt? Mcdonald's. Oh, wait a minute. What we meant to say is you know what you see everywhere you look in Egypt? Mcdonald's. 

Alaa Fathy, general Manager of Mcdonald's Egypt believes that the fat fast food empire is poised to increase sales in Egypt by 250% by 2020, by expanding their chain from 79 branches to a 170. In order to do this, McDonald's is increasing its investment in Egypt by LE1 billion.

We have the financial ability to cover 65% of our investment expanding plan, while the remaining will be through bank loans,” Reuters quoted Fathy as saying.

The only silver lining is that it will create more jobs, even if they are terrible. At this rate one can assume that Egyptian population will only get fatter and unhealthier, as slowly we all become employees working for a clown obsessed company with promoting globesity.