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Meet One of Egypt's Youngest Entrepreneurs, 14-Year-Old Nour Abdel Aziz

Nour Abdel Aziz saw a gap on the market and used his summer holiday to start a business that's aimed at connecting foreigners with quality electrical workers in Cairo.

Entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen. From ridesharing to the beach to bankruptcy and crashing and burning. Cairo has seen it all.

That's why, when a 14 year old not only decides to start a business, but also has the insight to figure out his niche market and their needs - as well as the knowhow to back up his vision - we reached out to speak him.

Meet Nour. The mini-entrepreneur. A 10th grade student in a Maadi school, he saw a gap in the market: Foreigners live in this aging capital we call home and have to wade through its murky ways to get their daily needs met. Simple tasks that might be a phone call away from being fixed back home for them, in Cairo become ordeals, trials, and endurance tests. It's not quite Survivor Season 58 - Urban Decay Edition, but getting reliable work done in Cairo isn't a walk in the park either. You have to deal with fear of theft, bullshit dispensary versions of human beings, and even intentional sabotage at times. Oh the drama.

Nour thought to create Uber-like platform. Where one boss, who in this case just so happens to know the ins and outs of electrical work, oversees sending a reliable, trustworthy workforce to his clients’ homes for the day-to-day electric work they need.

Here's his little story.

While some try out their first cigarettes at age 14, and that's their only claim to fame after summer holidays, Nour Abdel Aziz has been hard at work, trying to build an empire. And with it, the future of youth culture in Egypt.

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