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Mistreated Egyptians Finally Voice Frustration at EU Embassies

Frustrated Egyptians on Facebook are calling out European Union embassies in Cairo for ill treatment.

Against Ill Treatment of Egyptians at EU Embassies in Cairo’ is the name of the page created with an initiative to express and disclose, in peaceful terms, Egyptians' anger and frustration at being humiliated and poorly treated by the European Union’s embassies.

Poor treatment brought to light through the page includes delaying interview timings – with some people claiming that it can sometimes take about 90 days before the interviewees hear anything back regarding their interview times. In addition to that, the rejection of visa requests without offering reasonings have been a recurring voiced grievance.

In response, the page demands the following: ability to make payments in Egyptian pounds, arranging interview times in a period that does not exceed 30 days, actual justifications for rejected visas, translating all paperwork to Arabic, and finally, being respectful of Egyptians, especially seniors.

The page, which also shares posts from other sources and news outlets, discusses the issue at hand, while acting as a platform for one of the most recent frustrations faced by Egyptians.