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Morsi Rejects Prison Food

As the ex-president says that the food served in prison is a crime, many speculate that he fears he might be poisoned.

In a recent move, ousted president Mohammed Morsi is refusing to eat prison food. According to state run media, he doesn’t think it’s safe. He made the comments at a court hearing yesterday, requesting permission to receive outside food adding that the prison food is “a crime committed against his rights.”  It is said that a diabetic Morsi was suffering from low blood sugar, and requested to meet with a medical team. In an alternate point of view, skeptics are speculating that Morsi could be afraid of poisoned food after many occurrences in prison where a member of the now banned Muslim Brotherhood dies for unknown reasons.

Morsi is currently facing charges of giving state secrets to Qatar while president. The court has been adjourned until next Sunday pending two doctor appointments. Authorities have been cracking down on Islamists, and as a results thousands have been detained.