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Muslim Women Signing up as ISIS Brides on Jihad Dating Sites

Shocking dating sites have emerged inviting women to become the brides of ISIS Jihadists…

Muslim women are lining up to become Jihadist brides using twisted extremist dating sites.

The news emerged after cops found links to a site called 'Jihad Matchmaker' on the computer of a missing girl they fear has travelled to Syria to become an ISIS wife.

Counter terrorism officials believe that Yusra Hussien, 15, may have made contact with a Twitter account entitled Jihad Matchmaker, which urges followers to "picture all the little Mujahideen running around," a number of weeks ago.

Security sources told the Daily Mirror that "hundreds" of British women have offered to marry jihadis fighting with Islamic State. 

The account, which holds just 170 followers, is unverified by any official source. However it is thought that it could provide a genuine service to extremists.

The sick page urges women to send private messages with their "age, languages and marital status" and also bears the slogan "keep it halal and get married."

The page emerged despite earlier pledges by social media sites to crackdown on accounts linked to extremists.

Speaking about the site Washington MEMRI security expert Yigal Carmon said, “The Islamic State/Caliphate horizons are rooted in early Islamic history. The Caliphate today is imitating that model, and therefore trying to invoke women in battle as was the spirit of women fighters in early Islam.”