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No Birth Certificate For Baby Mubarak?

The Egyptian Embassy in London has denied Mubarak's grandson a birth certificate claiming bureaucratic reasons as an excuse.

Somewhat surprising is the news that the Egyptian Embassy in London have refused issuing a birth certificate for the grandson of Egypt’s, 30 year dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

The former president’s grandson is being denied his birth certificate according to Egypt Independent. The refusal is allegedly due to the unmet requirement of having his father or grandfather physically present. This is technically impossible according to Karim Hussein, founder of the “Sorry Mr. President” Facebook page.

Allegedly the embassy also refused allowing the child's birth certificate to bear the name of his mother, a request that apparently needs authorisation from the Public Prosecution in Egypt.

The avid Mubarak supporter accuses the embassy of being stubborn, pointing out that a final verdict in Gamal Mubarak’s case is yet to be issued, and that this decision is ultimately leaving an innocent child without a birth certificate.