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One Man's Silence

In an outstanding display of the power of peaceful protest, one Turkish man stood silent and still for eight hours. Imagine what one million silent Egyptians could say come June 30th...

Last night, a Turkish man stood in silence for eight straight hours. Dubbed ‘the Standing Man’, Erdem Gunduz faced the Ataturk Cultural Centre which was draped in Turkish flags and a portrait of Turkey's modern founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Before long, many joined with him in making the statement that we don’t need to be loud or violent to get our anger across. A powerful lesson we shouldn’t forget come June 30th, as violence is the quickest way to disperse a crowd. A lot of people are angry but not many want to pay the price of blood to be heard and, frankly, they don’t have to. If police want to use force, let the world watch them use excessive violence against the silent. Besides, it worked for Gandhi. Can you imagine what a million silent Egyptians could say?