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Pro Morsi Marches

The Islamists came out to play.

In an attempt to show the world that Morsi does have support, the Brotherhood along with some Islamist parties - including convicted terrorist group Al Gamaa Islamiya - are holding a rally right now in front of the Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City. 

Seemingly in an attempt to recreate the numbers from a march earlier this year at Cairo University, the Brotherhood made the call to all Islamist parties to join in order to protest against the Tamarod-fuelled campaign to remove the President on June 30th.

Unfortunately for Morsi, the Brotherhood's biggest allies Al Nour have declined to join in today's protests, significantly reducing the numbers.  Tens of thousands are still expected to converge having been bussed in from all over Egypt at a huge expense.

For a rally supposedly created to promote NON VIOLENCE here are some of the chants:

God has chosen for us President Morsy.... God protect us from the enemies of Islam

If they dismantle President Morsy's legitimacy, we'll declare an Islamic State. (Forcibly)

We will Jihad if Morsi falls

With blood and soul we will protect Islam

Even more ironically the chants we a pre cursor for a display of martial arts and an attack on CBC and ONTV vans.  It is clear the true intention of this rally was to strike fear into those who wish to join June 30th protests, unfortunatly for the Morsi supporters all that has been achieved is showing Egypt how desperate the regime has become.