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Reports: Seventh Beheading in Sinai

Reports are emerging from Sheikh Zuwayed City that another decapitated body has been found.

A seventh headless body has been found in Sinai according the reports. The discovery is alleged to have south of Sheikh Zuwayed City, North Sinai according to Youm7. Sinai-based terror group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis said it executed nine civilians for collaborating with Israel in a statement on September 2nd.

The group also released a video August 28th showing the beheading of four men amid claims that the men had provided information to the police. Meanwhile two other North Sinai residents were kidnapped on August 30th, and were found decapitated on August 31th.

Recently militants have stepped up a camapign to install improvised checkpoints in search for informers. Security sources told Youm7 that that they have not received reports of a headless corpse, and a source at Arish Hospital, the main hospital in North Sinai, said it did not received any bodies Wednesday.

The news comes just days after it emerged that ISIS militants are involved in training the group. Security sources told Reuters that Sinai Jihadists were receiving online training from within the brutal Islamic State.