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Science Kid's Travel Ban Lifted

17-year old science prodigy Abdullah Assem will now be able to represent Egypt in the massive Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, 17-year old science whizz/inventor Abdullah Assem, who was meant to be representing Egypt at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in LA, was banned from travel after he was arrested on charges of illegal protesting and apparently, burning a police vehicle in Assiut. However, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim has just reversed this decision barring the kid from boarding the flight and has granted him permission to attend the fair.

After his arrest, Assem was released on bail, pending the investigation. However, he was still not allowed to travel because of the upcoming trial. Assem denied all the charges, and said he just happened to be walking through the area while the protest was taking place.

He's now being allowed to travel to LA to participate in the science competition, with his entry – glasses which enable people with physical disabilities to communicate using their eyes. No word yet on whether the charges have been dropped entirely and/or if he'll still be facing a trial when he returns.