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Simultaneous Bombings in Sinai

Earlier today two separate bombings took place, almost simultaneously coordinated, targeting a military building and checkpoint resulting in several casualties.

Things continue to get worse in Sinai. Earlier today a pair of suicide bombers rammed their cars laced with explosives into military targets in Rafah. The attack has killed at least nine soldiers and wounding another 17, according to security officials.

One of bombs took down a two-story building, housing the local branch of the military intelligence, burying an unspecified amount of troops under the rubble. The other bomb struck an army checkpoint nearby. Both attacks took place almost simultaneously, and has brought Sinai closer to a full-blown insurgency.

No specific organization has taken credit for the today's attack, but many suspect that it is the same militants who have been delivering frequent attacks since the removal Morsi. In response the military has been launching the largest sweep of Sinai in decades.

Five days of military operations have so far turned up 29 dead militants, and arrested another 30, during raids that have uncovered weapons cache, missile launchers and dozens of vehicles and storage sites.

On Monday, MENA cited officials saying that there are at least 6 militant groups with an estimated 5,000 members operating in Sinai. Military intervention has been needed for quite sometime. This attack just proves that despite military best effort this fight is far from over.