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Who Made it First?

Syrian Blood Lust Continues

With the US arming the Syrian rebels and Egypt severing ties with Assad's regime, things are about to get uglier in Syria...

The Syrian conflict seems to only get worse with every passing day and today is no exception. The US has finally been convinced that Bashar Al-Assad has been using  chemical weapons which was the Americans’ proverbial line in the sand. As a result, they have announced that they will be supplying rebels with bigger weapons in attempt to turn around the gains made recently by the Assad regime. Before making the decision they tried a last ditch effort to gain support from Assad’s only friend, the Russians, by presenting them with the evidence that they claim is still ‘unconvincing’. Furthermore, Vladimir Putin claims that any aid given to rebels will go to fighters who eat human flesh, referring to an infamous video which circulated last week of a Syrian rebel biting into the organs of a dead Syrian soldier. (Do not click on the link if you have an aversion to graphic violence)

At the same time, the Egyptian government has officially severed all ties to the Syrian government, and are now firmly in the rebels’ corner. On Saturday, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi told supporters he is closing the Syrian embassy in Cairo and recalling  his envoy from Damascus. On the matter Morsi had this to say:

“The Syrian people are facing a campaign of extermination and planned ethnic cleansing, fed by regional and international states who do not care for the Syrian citizen. The people of Egypt support the struggle of the Syrian people, materially and morally. And Egypt — its nation, leadership and army — will not abandon the Syrian people until it achieves its rights and dignity."

In response, the Syrian released a statement about the "conspiracy and incitement led by the United States and Israel against Syria." The U.S.denies pressuring Egypt on Syria.