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Syrian E-Army Strikes Back

The Syrian Electronic Army is at it again, and have reportedly attacked the New York Times' website and Twitter.

On Tuesday, The New York Times website was hacked and was unavailable to users from 3pm until early Wednesday. The attack on the website was the second time has gone offline in the past two weeks.

It is unclear who the culprits are but a Twitter account supposedly representing the Syrian Electronic Army, an internet hack-tivism group in support of the Assad regime, claimed responsibility. The relationship with the Assad government is not known and is the subject of debate.

There are other accusations floating around that suggest that Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), were successful in hacking Twitter itself. Brian Ries, a senior editor at Newsweek, tweeted that the social media website had “lost its domain to the Syrian Electronic Army.” Twitter claims that no user information was affected by the incident. Twitter and The New York Times weren't the only victims; the SEA have been very busy and allegedly also hacked The Washington Post's website on the 15th of August.