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Tawfik Okasha Dines With Israeli Ambassador And Gets Hit With A Shoe

After inviting the Israeli Ambassador for dinner at his home, Tawfik Okasha gets hit by a shoe when he shows up in Parliament.

Talk show host, TV anchor, politician, academician, and all around funnyman Tawfik Okasha has been coming under a lot of heat from the press and the public following news of his dinner with the Israeli ambassador at the former's home. The press and the public went wild - calls for his membership in Parliament to be revoked were the most reserved by far; others called for a trial, others imprisonment, and of course the oh-so-Egyptian punishment of being hung in a public square without a trial. According to Al-Ahram, a number of MPs made requests to Parliament speaker Ali Abdel-Al that Okasha be punished for "committing the unprecedented crime of meeting with Israel's ambassador in Egypt."

Tawfik Okasha with Israeli ambassador Haim Korem

Okasha either didn't see the implications of inviting the Israeli Ambassador to his home in the governorate of Daqahliya, or he was doing it on purpose to gain attention. Either way, he got more than what he bargained for; according to Egyptian Streets, MP Kamal Ahmed threw his shoe at Okasha as soon as the latter entered the hall before Parliamentary Speaker Ali Abdel-Al expelled them both from the session. Tawfik Okasha says that no shoe hit him, yet media outlets are all saying the opposite. Videos have surfaced of the incident.

Okasha later sent an apology letter to the Parliament Speaker promising that he won't do it again [meeting with the Israeli ambassador].