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The Uber of 7antoors: You Can Now Order a Horse Carriage in Luxor with a Mobile App

Luxor Governor announced that an uber-like 7antoor e-hailing app will soon be available throughout the city. Authorities are also working on providing 'diapers' for horses in order to keep the city's streets clean.

Luxor's horse carriage (7antoor) drivers will soon be given a unified uniform, and will receive customers' requests through an uber-like, 7antoor e-hailing mobile app, which will also standardise trip fares. The announcement was made by Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr during a meeting with the city's horse carriage drivers, El Watan reports.

The governorate is also working on providing 'diapers' for horses, and high-quality grains to ensure horses get proper nutrition.

Currently, there are over 650 horse carriages roaming Luxor's streets, out of which, only 340 are licensed, negatively affecting the flow of traffic and overshadowing the beauty of the ancient city, which has within its boundaries a third of the world's monuments.