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Three Dead, Two Injured In Another Family Feud

Police responded to a call late Saturday night about a fight going on between two families, to find three dead and two injured - one just seven-years old.

Despair has once again struck Upper Egypt, as three men have been reported dead and another two have been seriously injured. The region is no stranger to family feuds and this time the scene of tragedy is Sohag.

Police were notified of a conflict going on between the two families, Al-Shatory and Al-Taweel, and promptly made their way to Sohag's Al-Monshaa City late Saturday night to try and contain the violence.

Sadly, by the time they arrived three young men aged 19, 24 and 25 were found dead and a child aged seven was suffering from a bullet wound to the chest. To top all of that off, two houses were found torched to the ground.

Security forces and the police force are currently looking into what exactly sparked the fight and who struck first but have had no luck in their endeavour so far.