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Tourism in Egypt Increases 7% in October Compared to September 2016

Egypt's tourism continues its slow recovery with visitors increasing seven percent in October versus September of this year.

The long road to recovering Egypt’s tourism sector takes another positive step forward as CAPMAS announces a seven percent tourism increase in October compared to September of this year.

The announcement was made on Wednesday via an email press statement that highlighted that Western Europe sent the highest number of visitors to Egypt, accounting for 36 percent of all visitors in October, with Germany contributing the most. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern countries ranked second, managing to send 35.1 percent of the total number of visitors, while Eastern Europe lands third providing 18.9 percent.

The total number of tourists registered was 506,200, compared to September’s 473,000. Egypt’s tourism numbers have been largely decimated in the wake of uprisings as well as last year’s October Russian plane crash in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The slight increase in tourism is directly related to resumptions of flights from countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, and Poland. However, countries like the UK and Russia have yet to resume flights, which would help Egypt’s tourism recover faster as the country's tourism revenues dropped a drastic 48.9 percent between 2015/2016 versus 2014/2015, resulting in a loss of $3.6 billion according to an August report by the Central Bank of Egypt.