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Firework Explosion Kills Five Egyptians

Fireworks claim the lives of five Egyptians after a truck carrying them violently explodes in a custom storage area in Amman.

There is arguably nothing more annoying than Egyptians playing with fireworks at all hours of the day. Proving to be as dangerous as it is annoying is the news that five Egyptians were killed and eight injured, after two trucks filled with fireworks exploded at a custom storage area in Amman, Jordan.

According to a statement released by Egypt’s foreign ministry, "The Egyptian consulate in Amman is closely following the scene and have visited all the injured in hospital," the statement read. Following the incident the Jordanian foreign minister immediately extended condolences for the lives lost in the tragedy.

According to AP who spoke with witnesses in the area, the blast also damaged dozens of nearby cars and was described as a “really violent explosion”. It is believed that three Jordanians were killed with as many as four injured, however the figures continue to change, and each publication reporting the news has a differing number of victims. At this time there is no official statement released by Jordanian officials on the total number of victims. 

It is no secret that fireworks are dangerous and hopefully this tragedy will yield safer regulations on not only its transportation, but also its storage and usage.