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U.S. Issues Travel Warning for Egypt - Again

Egypt has once again been included in the ‘Alerts and Warnings’ list on the U.S. Department of State's official website as a country that bears security threats.

Egypt has reappeared on the U.S travel ban list after taking a short leave of absence in November for just one month. The U.S Department of State flagged Egypt last week, for the terrorist organisations that continue to target tourist sites, and public areas. The list specifically made reference to the church bombings that killed 27 people, and the two Giza bombings prior to that, making it clear that “terrorist attacks can occur anywhere in the country,” as the warning issued on U.S Department of State website mentions. Appearing on the list alongside Egypt were Jordan and Mali - also for terrorist related threats.

According to warning, U.S personnel are permitted to travel to heavily policed areas such as Sharm El-Sheikh, and places where archaeological sites exist, but only by air; no overland flights are permitted over the entire Sinai region.

The political instability of Egypt and its constant susceptibility to terrorism has had harsh economic consequences, heavily impacting the tourism industry. The stimulation of tourism in Egypt has been declining since the 2011 revolution with foreign investments and economic reforms struggling to revive it. A travel ban is just another obstacle that Egypt has to overcome.

Additionally, the flight suspensions from Russia and the U.K recently, have apprehended a desire to travel to Egypt, corrupting what was once a widely sought holiday and travel destination.

Main image courtesy of Maro Tharwat