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UK Nazis Storm Mosque

In the latest in extremist actions towards Muslims in the UK, Britain First members force their way into a London mosque.

UK far-right thugs have sparked outrage among Muslims by invading a London mosque. The neo-Nazis, members of the far-right faction Britain First, barged into one of London's largest Islamic prayer spaces in an effort to intimidate worshippers. Two men, including Britain First leader Paul Golding immediately demanded to see the Imam and attempted to force their vile far-right propoganda into the hands of terrifed worshippers." data-width="466">

Golding tells viewers of the point-of-view video he shot that: "We're inside the East London mosque right now," before marching towards terrified reception staff and demanding to see the Imam. The shaven head thug barks at horrifed workers: "We're doing a campaign against Muslim grooming gangs, here is our literature. Here are some British army bibles to give to the Imam."

The clip later shows police tackling the men as local help plead with officers to arrest the thugs. The video follows with a vile outburst by Golding defending anti-Muslim vigilante groups and boasting about breaking into mosques and intimidating worshippers. The news comes as it emerged that the group are now the largest political group in the UK, judged by Facebook 'likes' following a string of poorly punctuated and factually incorrect viral memes.

Golding finishes the clip saying: "All we care about is our people."