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Video: Egyptian Hospital Kicks Naked 80-Year-Old Woman Out of ICU

An Egyptian elderly woman suffering from a stroke and liver failure was allegedly forcibly removed, naked, from the Intensive Care Unit at the Suez National Hospital.

After a Suez General Hospital doctor concluded that she didn't need further medical assistance from the Hospital's Intensive Care Unit on Saturday, an 80-year old woman, suffering from a stroke and liver failure, was removed, fully naked, from the ICU by the hospital's nurses, placing her in the medical ward instead. The allegations were made by her son, Ahmed El Sayed, in a live phone interview with TV presenter Wael Ebrashi on his talk show 'Ten PM' on Sunday.

"I received a phone call from someone who works at the hospital late Saturday, telling me that my mother was forcefully carried out of the Intensive Care Unit, fully naked," El Sayed explains. "To my shock and disbelief, it turned out to be true, and I took pictures of her exactly how I found her."     

A police report has been filed and an investigation has been launched into the incident, according to El Sayed's on-air interview.Despite the fact that failing to pay hospital fees has been the main reason for similar incidents over the past few years in Egypt, it hasn't yet been determined if this applies to this case.

"We're internally investigating the incident and will hold those responsible accountable," Suez General Hospital Manager Dr. Mohamed Ahmed told Wael Ebrashi during the same episode of his talk show.