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Video: Torture Inside an Egyptian Police Cell

A shocking video that appears to show detainees being tortured in Baysoun Police Station in Gharbuya is being circulated online, heightening existing concerns over widespread torture in Egyptian prisons and police stations…

This shocking video shows the reality of life inside an Egyptian police cell.

The haunting, silent clip purports to show prisoners being brutally beaten in Basyoun Police Station in Gharbiya.

During the clip, detainees are stripped semi-naked and whipped, while their hands are tied behind their backs.

It is claimed that the clip took place as punishment after prisoners complained about ill treatment by officers at the facility.

Despite the video evidence, police chiefs have refused to acknowledge the incident today.

Police Director of Human Rights General Magdy Saad El Dean denied that torture and cruelty had taken place at the hands of police officers as well as other members of the Basyoun Police Station against the prisoners.

Earlier this year a 'Justice for Egypt' report found that a number of political detainees, including men and women, were tortured and raped while in police custody in Egypt.

The Egyptian government has refused to comment on the alleged abuse of detainees. On Febraury 16, human rights organisations released a statement demanding swift investigations into what they described as "increasing and shocking allegations of torture and sexual assaults against those detained at police stations since 25 January.” 

However in July this year, the Deputy Interior Minister's PR assistant Major General Abdelfattah Othman sparked fury when he claimed Egyptian prisons had become “more like hotels.”

The authenticity of the video, which is being circulated online, has yet to be independently verified.