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War on LGBTI Continues as 7 Transexuals Arrested

A police sting has arrested 7 young Egyptians who have been charged with 'debauchery'.

According to Al-Youm el-Saba, seven suspected ‘transexuals’ were arrested on debauchery charges. Talking to Al-Youm el-Saba about the arrests is Major General Magdy Moussa of the Morality Police, claims that the seven arrested were part of a “network for practicing debauchery” and had been targeted through social media. Moussa alleges that they have evidence that the group had published naked photos, and that the government was monitoring them and created fake pages online to entrap “perverts.”

Subsequently the seven people were arrested at a nightclub in Cairo, after police arranged to meet them at a club on Al-Haram Road, from where they were told they would taken back to an apartment "to participate in debauchery." Shortly after, Al-Youm el-Saba broadcast a video that shows the seven accused talking with the police.

Since President Sisi was elected Egyptian officials have seemed poised to clampdown on so-called debauchery. In January, 26 men were acquitted on charges of debauchery, after being arrested in a bathhouse raid by police accompanied by TV ‘reporter’/informer Mona Iraqi who captured and aired the raid on television. In a surprise twist all men were acquitted and last week a trial was scheduled to hold Iraqi, and Al-Qahera Wal Nas channel owner, Tarek Nour on defamation charges.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights estimates more than 150 people have been netted in the clampdown, as several reports suggest that Egyptian authorities are using social media sites such as Facebook and apps like Grindr to hunt gay men and transexuals. 

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