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Welcome to Journalists' Hell

The Reporters Without Borders press freedom index unsurprisingly ranks Egypt as one of the worst places to practice journalism in the world.

Egypt has been ranked among the worst countries in the world for press freedom according to a leading international watchdog. The Reporters Without Borders press freedom index ranks Egypt 159 out of 180 countries, a one place drop on last year's position. The study ranks Egypt behind Pakistan, Russia and well...just about everywhere, although fans of a silver lining may take some solace in the fact we're still ahead of Syria, Iran and, of course, North Korea.

The news will come as no surprise to the countless journalists, including CairoScene staff, who've faced police harassment while attempting to cover political events in recent months. Meanwhile, the scores of journalists who've suffered arrest, abuse and indeterminate detention will undoubtedly have more pressing matters to trouble them than the results of this survey. Finland, The Netherlands and Norway were listed as the countries with the most press freedom. And Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Syria were ranked as the worst places on the planet for a free press.

The news comes just weeks after a similar survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists ranked Egypt as the third most dangerous place in the world to practice journalism. What happens next? Only time will tell but for now journalists, readers and anybody fighting for a fair and balanced media, regardless of personal politics, must stand together and fight against the brutality currently facing the country's media personnel.  A petition to free a number of international reporters currently being held by the Egyptian regime can be found here.