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Where Does Egypt Stand In The Global Gender Gap Report?

In the latest issue of the Global Gender Gap Report, Egypt ranks pretty low on the list...

How equal are we? Almost every female living in Egypt has asked herself this question at least once in her life, if not every day! Luckily, the World Economic Forum has an answer, and we kind of wish it didn't.

The Global Gender Gap report is an annual report issued by the World Economic Forum that highlights the equality between genders in regards to access to resources and opportunities in each country, based on economic, educational, health, and political indicators. This year marks the tenth edition of the report since its first issue in 2006. In a recent statement, they said, “The tenth edition of the Global Gender Gap Report shows that while the world has made progress over the last decade, stubborn inequalities remain.”

Any guesses who these “stubborn inequalities” are? Yeah, you got it: Egypt. In the ranking, where the number 1 spot is the country with the smallest gender gap (Iceland) and the 145th spot is is the country with the biggest gender gap (Yemen), Egypt is sitting pretty in 10th place. Egypt ranks 136th out of the 145 countries included, making it the 10th worst country in the report and indicating a further decline, as we ranked 129th out of 142 in 2014 and 125th out of 136 in 2013.
We have improved, though, in regards to the women-to-men ratio across most spectrums. While still not meeting the same level as men, women have improved in wage equality as well as employment in the professional and technical industries, while staying stable in regards to literacy rate, with an 0.81:1 ratio. Even better, women are kicking ass in life expectancy with a 1.3:1 ratio. Unfortunately, political empowerment for women continues to remain the worst category with almost zero progress since 2006.
Other countries in the MENA region include Kuwait,  ranked 117th, following UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Tunisia.
To see Egypt's position score card here.