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Who Still Loves the Muslim Brotherhood?

New measures will curb the Muslim Brotherhood's activities in the UK, just days after Qatar expelled the group's leaders.

The Muslim Brotherhood may find themselves outcast in Britain under new measures announced just days after seven MB leaders were kicked out of Qatar. The news comes after a damning report by senior British diplomat Sir John Jenkins linked the group to extremist activities abroad. However, despite a clampdown, British officials claim that they WON'T ban the organistation.

"We won't ban the Muslim Brotherhood," a Foreign Office diplomat told The Daily Telegraph. "There are other things that can be done but not a ban. It's a nonsense to say we could ring fence a ban that punished the Brotherhood in one country but allowed us to keep good ties elsewhere. The report is thorough in pointing out the pitfalls of the Muslim Brotherhood but also its mainstream appeal and continuing role in the region."

The news comes just days after seven Brotherhood figures were asked to leave the state of Qatar upon the request of the country's ruling monarchy. Hours later, MB leader Amr Darrag claimed that the activists had complied with a request to leave "to avoid causing any embarrassment for the state of Qatar."

Meanwhile it has also emerged that an upcoming report into the group's activities will be hidden from public view amid security concerns by the UK and its allies. A senior British official said:"It's a very comprehensive look at the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in many countries. There have been submissions that have been given to us that are very sensitive. We couldn't go back to those places again if some of this information was put in the public domain."