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Would you Hug-A-Terrorist?

Two little Palestinian-Canadian girls have been on a campaign against the rhetoric that justifies Israel's continued demolition of the Gaza Strip - by asking for hugs. Watch the moving video here.

Two pint-sized Palestinian-Canadian girls are tackling Israel's bitter right wing rhetoric by asking passersby for a hug. The pair took to the streets of Toronto in an effort to represent the real victims of Israel's savage bombing campaign against the Gaza strip. They asked people for hugs, holding a banner that read “Hug A Terrorist,” and recorded people's reactions.

The touching stunt comes as the Palestinian death toll topped 1,000 - the majority women and children - following more than two weeks of fighting. The heartwarming video shows one user telling the girls, "I think you guys are really awesome."

Meanwhile, another added, “I say on both sides: we are all people that should be loved, no fighting and I love you. I love you guys."

The weekend saw fresh hopes of a ceasefire between Israel and the besieged Gaza Strip dashed, after the Israeli government refused to take part in a ceasefire deal mooted by US Secretary of State John Kerry and international partners.