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Your Ivy League Future Awaits

Whether it's a six figure salary or academic prestige you're after, the Newton Education Services Company will arm you with the knowledge you need to conquer your SAT and GMAT fears.

We've all had dreams of world domination as youngsters, you know, when we dreamed that we would go on to achieve great things and change the world and shape the future, however, many walk around with the insane delusion that their destiny would manifest itself to them when the time was right, and that their potential would fulfill itself – however, success is the result of years of preparation, good timing, and opportunity.

Newton Education Services has helped Egyptian students catch up with the opportunities their hard work has earned them to ensure that diligence doesn’t go unrewarded – as it often does.

Apart from managing the prestigious Yousriya Loza-Sawiris Scholarship, the team behind Newton Education Services has provided students with the assistance, counseling, and guidance crucial for their academic development and enabling them to pursue college degrees anywhere around the world. “Our advisors have helped hundreds of students, placing them in top schools,” Business Development Manager Maha Eshak tells us, “And you’re talking Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UPenn, etc.” she adds.

The building blocks of your future are laid out early on in life; it starts with the very first time you walked into a classroom, the very first time you picked up a pencil and wrote down your very first word. A major obstacle standing between you and an Ivy League future is a decent SAT score – or if it’s an MBA degree that you have your heart set on, a solid plan to navigate the GMAT.

“GMAT is crucial for admission, any student who wants to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration in the U.S. needs to take it, and if you’re an American Diploma student, you have to sit for the SAT, it’s not an option,” Key Academic Advisor Hala El Hawary explains. “Application to universities in the U.S. is very competitive, so, you must have good scores on the tests and a sound GPA.”

We are still shivering from our SAT days and we can imagine your horror, especially since a new edition of the exam has just been introduced. Newton Education Services, however, have a proven track record of providing the best possible preparation to students for these standardised tests.

“We are partners with Chalk-Talk International from the US, which has been around for eight years – their SAT curriculum, preparation, and practice material is tailored for students to whom English is a foreign language,” Eshak says. “It was recently tested in five different Arab-speaking countries, and all students scored higher.”

With diagnostic tests at the beginning and at the end of every SAT and GMAT preparation course, and close monitoring in between, Newton Education services identifies each student’s weaknesses to equip them with the best study strategy.

This is only possible due to the hard work of dedicated and highly qualified team of teachers. “Our SAT teachers are all trained by Chalk-Talk International, and so, they all have this standardised teaching method,” Eshak explains.

For six to eight weeks, Newton Education Services’ team of experienced educators arm students with the knowledge they need to outsmart both exams – however, the higher the academic accolade, the greater inconvenience and disruption it wreaks on your social life and the infamous GMAT has a reputation of bringing even the brightest of minds to the end of their wits, so it bodes well to place your trust where it belongs. “Our GMAT teachers have all taken the test before, and performed very well at it,” Eshak asserts.

Having said that, Eshak warns that spoonfeeding is not the best approach. “No matter how good our GMAT preparation course is, it only accounts for 30% of the result, the rest is practice,” Eshak states. “We teach them how to approach the questions, how to think, and hence, refine their approach. It is not just the course and the home assignments, students need to practise, and that’s why we encourage a lot of practice sessions where we discuss the questions. Everyone has a different approach, so, you get to demonstrate to the person who got it wrong that there are other angles; you trigger their thinking and stimulate their reasoning.”

Aside from SAT and GMAT, non-native English speakers have the added prerequisite of providing proof of English language proficiency, which is another area where Newton Education Services goes above and beyond the call of duty with comprehensive IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses.

With offices in Tagamoa, Arkan and Downtown, Newton Education Services is ubiquitous. Whether you are genuinely motivated by your burning desire for knowledge, discovery, and science, or you are eyeing a career in world domination, Newton Education Services are more than happy to lend a helping a hand.

Check out Newton Education Services' website and Facebook page for more info, follow them on Twitter @newtontestprep and Instagram @newtoneducationservices, or call them on 01061455551.