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A powerful Twitter campaign has been launched to abolish stereotypes surrounding Muslims.

A group of Muslim women have taken to Twitter to tell the world what they really think using the hashtag #NotYourStockMuslim. The controversial hashtag is designed to challenge commonly held stereotypes against Muslims. The hashtag has so far garnered more than a 1000 tweets within hours of launching. Topics discussed include gender equality, terrorism and human rights in the latest move designed to provide a real insight into Muslim daily life.

One user tweeted: "You're Muslim..but you seem so..'normal'." Oh, I'm sorry did you mean human? Because yes, that's exactly what we are.

Meanwhile another added: "Wait you actually *support* LGBT equality? Women's rights? You believe in science?!" Sorry to disappoint you..."

And another activist rallied against commonly held perceptions about women wearing the hijab. She said:"You're so brave to refuse to cover your hair." (I think my mum's brave for weathering the slurs her hijab attracts.)"

Another lashed out against prejudices among some sections of society which brand all Muslims as terrorists. She added: "Please stop asking me to constantly, publicly condemn terrorists whenever you want me to prove myself to you."