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Smileys Grill has decided to bribe the nation into smiling. We love the strategy...

The nation seems to have spent the last few months sulking. As a general air of misery prevails, one fast food join has decided to put a smile on the face of the populace. Or at least bribe them into smiling. Fair game we say. A smiley nation is an economically stable nation. Well not true, either. Point is, Smiley's Grill is offering up an awesome Sony Cyber-Shot H55 to the BEST SMILE IN THE NATION as judged by the fans of their Facebook page.

All you need to do is instagram or tweet a picture of YOURSELF smiling tagging @SmileysGrillEG with the hashtag #SmileToWin.

All the photos will be uploaded onto their page on the 19th of October and the one with the most likes wins!

So miserable little ones, just turn that frown upside down, leave your duckfaces in the bathroom, find your happy place, and give Smiley's your biggest Smile and win!