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10 Celebrity Reasons to Grow a Moustache

Cairo Jazz Club is celebrating Movember with Shady Ezz and Ouzo behind the decks one more for a big fundraising night. We have found 10 celebrity reasons why you should groom your moustache for this unique event...

Movember is upon us and moustaches are burgeoning for charity everywhere. Throughout November, men around the world toss their razors and raise money for the display of their facial hair. Although the moustache has made few appearances since the 80s we cannot help but get excited about Movember.

Cairo Jazz Club is celebrating the art of facial hair on Movember Monday, November 24th, with the expert help of Shady Ezz and Ouzo in annual Ra2as Shanabak charity event. Display your moustache at Cairo's favourite club and contribute to a good cause.

However, there are many more reasons to grow a moustache this November. How about the added attraction to a male face that comes with a moustache? Or the extra coolness and character? We have found 10 celebrity reasons that will encourage you to grow your moustache for Cairo Jazz Club's big night in just two weeks.

Robert Downey Jr.

Many know him as Iron Man or the coolest guy alive. When you look at how this man rocks a moustache you will know why. He also looks a lot happier sporting a moustache, don't you think?

Robert Pattinson

It is hard to believe that Robert Pattinson decided to play Salvador Dali for any other reason than to acquire this magnificent moustache.

Anthony Kiedis


Few people in this world exceed Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in coolness, and few people in this world look better with a moustache than Anthony Kiedis.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt probably only accepts movies that are set in war times so he will have another excuse to grow his moustache. Thankfully, it works! 

David Beckham

Back in the day, David Beckham was nothing but a Backstreet Boy on a football field. With the discovery of what facial hair does to his sex appeal he decided to quit shaving and became an international sex symbol. He may exclusively owe his success to this moustache. And maybe his six-pack contributed a little bit as well. 

James Franco

There is basically nothing James Franco can look to spoil his look but if he could, it wouldn't be a moustache.

John Travolta

Gaining weight, getting old and growing a moustache was not enough to destroy John Travolta's career. 

Johnny Depp

If Johnny Depp can't convince you to grow a moustache, no one can! He has changed his look more times than most people but stuck to a moustache for most of them. We see why!

Justin Long

The actor usually shaves his moustache which might be the sole reason why people have never heard of him. If he would stick to his moustache that would maybe change.

Jude Law


Jude Law just transformed from a boy to a man in just one picture by refraining from shaving. 

For those who still doubt the power of the moustache Cairo Jazz Club will provide free (fake) moustaches at the door on Movember Monday! Book your spot at the night using