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10 Photos that Show the Damage Caused by Egypt's Rain

Egypt's rainfall has spawned a thousand memes but the sad reality is that major areas are completely flooded, massive damage is being caused, and lives are being put at stake and these photos convey just how bad the situation is getting.

Egypt is expecting to see unstable weather until Friday, and with the recent climate change it should come as no surprise that we will most likely continue seeing unprecedented weather for the foreseeable winter future. And it’s no surprise or news that our infrastructure is in no way shape or form built to handle this weather and the rain; the result was social media pointed fingers, people made funny memes and comics, and officials lost their jobs.

It’s happening again now in Alexandria and other areas such as Beheira; streets are flooding and it seems like the new governor is no Sponge Bob, as the rain hasn’t magically disappeared. It would have been refreshing to see that with the recent losses and obvious flaws in our infrastructure, some sort of different approach would have been taken this time; however it is becoming obvious that nothing has changed and with weather forecasts predicting more rainfall to come, the various rain-induced tragedies are sure to happen again. It also seems that again, individuals are still the ones out there dealing with the situation and saving each other’s lives, while the glaring structural issues shine through.

Floods happen worldwide, and people lose power and get snowed in, with life coming to a halt for days at a time. It happens almost yearly in states like Massachusetts and New York, however the reaction and social media response is usually one of solidarity and positivity, which brings the people closer together at a time of disaster. Some cases of individual acts of heroism and solidarity have been seen in Egypt, as everyone steps up to help out, but the sobering reality is that these constant rains have lead to numerous deaths already in this second round of rainfall and something needs to be done to officially address the danger that the downpours is putting citizens in. Just today, three were left dead in the governorate of Beheira

While the scenarios of freak acts of nature and a regular amount of rainfall are completely different in the sense that in Egypt this could have been avoided if the proper precautions are put in place, and abroad it is an unavoidable natural disaster with nothing that can be done, it’s the reaction from the public and government working in unison that can make all the difference. As Egypt enters the winter season and expects to see more rain in the near future, we hope to see a tangible change.

Take a look at some of the damage the flooding has done around Egypt below, essentially bringing life to a standstill. The top trending hashtag on Twitter now, can be followed here for more photos.


الواحد كده لقاله شغله فى السيرك بعد المعاش ... رجل الكراسي اامتحركةط

Posted by Wagdy Kamal on Tuesday, November 3, 2015