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1000 Muslims Form Human Shield Around Oslo Synagogue

Thousands came out to say no to anti-Semitism in Oslo, producing some heartwarming scenes following the Copenhagen shootings.

Amidst news of Muslim boys being attacked for not having a train ticket and people setting mosques on fire comes a story that will restore your faith in humanity. After the Copenhagen shootings which killed two people, including one Jew, as well as a Muslim shooter, Muslims in Norway have stood up to prejudice and hate to make a stance in the ongoing debate over religion in Europe. Over 1000 people showed up to form a human shield around the synagogue in Oslo to demonstrate peace… for everyone!

The Fredens Ring (“Peace Ring”) invited people of all confessions to join the Muslim organisers in taking a stance against hate and discrimination. “Islam is about protecting our brothers and sisters, regardless of their religion,” the invite read. In the human ring the organisers wanted to distance the whole religion from ideas of anti-Semitism, an accusation often made to Muslims, and therefore stretch out a hand to all religions to peacefully live together.

Over 1000 attendees were chanting “No to anti-Semitism, no to Islamophobia” and held hands to demonstrate unity. The synagogue had previously been attacked in 2006 and kept closed due to perpetual threats of attacks.