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You Can Get Dairy-Milk Alternatives at These 9 Cairo Spots

Almond milk, anyone?

Among the recent nutrition fads, one of the most pronounced are the disadvantages of lactose. And milk substitutes have become a welcome guest in our daily diet. So for all the vegans and lactose intolerant humans out there or generally anyone who wants to be healthier, here’s a list of all the places that are catering to your almond milk demands.

Be Good to You

Located in Katameya Heights and part of BeFit, Be Good To You, is all about the healthy! They use quality ingredients to cater to the health conscious consumers of Egypt. They even have glass containers of kiwi water and lemon water for the required post weekend detox. Serving gluten free and vegetarian options, BeGoodToYou has got us covered with our new addiction, almond milk.

Price of latte with almond milk: EGP 45. 

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Situated in a gorgeous villa in Maadi, this cafe is a part of the Osana Wellness centre which promotes a lifestyle of general wellness. Their menu offers wholesome meals prepared fresh daily. So we're not surprised that they’d be onto the Almond milk trend. Selling their 1 liter almond milk bottle at EGP 90, an EGP 60 deposit is also required for the bottle itself. 

Price of latte with almond milk: EGP 50.


Beanos needs no introduction, it's practically an Egyptian landmark. And they've picked up on the non-dairy trend and added almond milk (along with soya and cashew) to their selection of substitutes.

Price of latte with almond milk: EGP 42. 

Check them out on Facebook.


Cake Zamalek is a cute little street café serving up drool worthy cakes to go with your non-dairy milk! Located on a side street of the classy neighborhood, this is a good spot to satisfy your sweet tooth and get your daily fix of almond milk, with their selection of warm drinks.  

Price of latte with almond milk: EGP 40.

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.


If you’re looking to switch it up a bit and pay heed to all the benefits of a cleanse, Self Juicery is a good place to start your journey. Whether you're looking for freshly squeezed juice or are kicking dairy products to the curb for good, SELF offers most of it’s products up for sale in jars and bottles, namely our new favorite, almond milk.

Price of almond milk bottle: EGP 29.

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.


Lychee, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fruit, is also a shop in Zamalek that’s pro-fruits and fresh juices. Introducing homemade almond milk to their menu, this is where you'll find us detoxing Sunday mornings.

Price of almond milk bottle: EGP 45.

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And Now for the grocery shops that sell the nut that keeps on giving, Almond!


Being the sloths that we are, minus the cuteness factor, we love all things delivery. And Glow gets dairy-free, sugar free and plant based drinks delivered right to our humble abodes. Home of the smoothies and the almond milk is what we dub thee. For deliveries, call 01000018644. 

Price of almond milk bottle: EGP 35. 

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Ever sit there hopelessly staring at your burnt pasta, courtesy of your lack of skills as a chef and wonder how on earth are you ever going to adult? Well Body Blocks EG may have the solution. Aside from their healthy smoothies, they make nutritious meals that they deliver straight to our doorstep. And they offer our new low in calorie, high in Vitamin D obsession, almond milk, which they make themselves by the way. For deliveries, call 01222162784 or place your order online, here.

Price of almond milk bottle: EGP 70.

Check them out on Instagram and Facebook


All natural, free of preservative, and additives, Gourmet Egypt brings us the freshest ingredients and recipes. This grocery store is one of the first and few places that indulges the "boojy" in us, with their broad selection of imported products. So it makes sense that they’d have our saviour, almond milk, and it's homemade too. For deliveries, call 19339.

Price of almond bottle: EGP 39.

For some health conscious foodie porn, check out their Facebook 

We don’t know about you, but we’re kind happy to have found a solution to the puffer fish look we sport every time we have dairy. Kiss the bloating goodbye and embrace the power of the almond!