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139 Lounge @ Mena House

One of Egypt's most historic, legendary and downright amazing properties opens up a stunning new lounge and bar next week, and we've got the exclusive scoop...

The Great Pyramids of Giza are a majestic sight sought buy travellers world wide, and sadly ignored by too many Egyptians. Standing at a whopping 139 metres in height, the awe inspiring architectural marvel is a site of Egyptian pride that needs to be seen by all.

Just when you thought the site couldn't be any more beautiful, enters the Mena House with their newest venue, Lounge 139, providing the most spectacular, breathtaking view of the Pyramids in all of Cairo. Surrounded by carefully maintained landscape gardens, fountains, and a reflection pool, the 139 Lounge provides a unique oasis setting at the foot of the Pyramids. With a diverse array of Pan Asian cuisine, 139 guarantees that all your senses will pleased with an experience that sure to make a lasting memory.

The relaunch of the newly refurbished and renovated lounge is set to open June 1st, and is exciting news for anyone looking for delicious cool drinks with a sublime view. Residing inside the historic Mena House, 139 provide a traditional authentic experienced that has been shared by some of histories most important leaders. From Winston Churchill to Jimmy Carter, anyone who was someone in the last 140 years have gazed at the Pyramids in wonderment, looking for inspiration, while making decisions that affected the world.

Serenity is within your reach. Don't waste your money travelling. There is absolutely no need to flee Cairo this summer, as the best sights in all of Egypt opens next and is serving the finest eats with the coolest drinks conveniently located at the birthplace of civilisation. There's nothing else to do in the Haram area anyway. Stay tuned for more updates on what's bound to be your favourite hot spot...