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14 Best Egyptian Beards

With facial hair back with a vengeance, we scour Egypt for the best beards...

With the political connotation related to beards now fading, facial hair can now bloom its fuzzy tentacles and regain its symbolic status of sophisticated, rugged mansomeness. We've scoured Om El Donia for the coolest whiskers donned by Egyptian men that'll have the metrosexual quaking in his boots.



1) Seif Eldine Elgowakhy. 

From #Russia with #Love #russian #army #comrade #Tovarishch #halloween #costume #2014 #portrait #photography

A photo posted by Seif Eldine Elgowakhy (@gowakhy) on


We don't care that he looks like a member of the KGB, he can kidnap us any day he wants.


2) Zaatar A.


Road trippin' #vsco #vscocam #beard #bearded #beardedvillain #beardo #ink #inked

A photo posted by Zaatar A. (@a_zaatar) on


He's every Tumblr user's wet dream. Oh, and he takes kickass photos. Where is the ma2zoon? 


 3) Mostafa Nabil.


Look how he carries the cigarette pack with such elegance. Wait, what? What beard?


4) Abdalah Turky.


If i were you, i would fucking adore me.

A photo posted by AbdalahTurky (@iturkyyy) on

Because two beards are better than one...


5) Yasser Seif.




A photo posted by Yasser Seif (@yasserseif) on




6) Amro Dessouki.

MORE FIRECROTCH! *it's getting hot in here*


7) Drew Bammer.


I look so bad ass! LOL! Taken by the amazing photographer @abdallahsabry99

A photo posted by Drew Brammer (@drewfordski) on

Can we spend our time in your warm embrace forevermore?


8) Youssef Nassar.

Petition to rename the black and white filter to YoussefNassar. 


9) Bassam Allam.


Self-portrait; The Master's Mind Copyright, all rights reserved.

A photo posted by B A S S A M A L L A M (@bassam_allam) on

Oh how we wish we were the cat...


10) Mazen Maher.



A photo posted by mazen maher (@thezoozoo) on

Don’t you just want to be the one peering into his milk chocolate eyes, imagining him nuzzling you with that majestic black beard?


11) Nader Abdo.

Looking into his eyes is like looking into the soul of a warrior prince from a bygone age.


12) Mohamed El Shaarawy.


Look how good he is with hand, holding his phone, with his incredibly strong selfie game... Can you please hold us? 


13) Tamer Hashem.


A photo posted by @tamerhashem on

He also plays the drums...


14) Ahmed Magdy.


A photo posted by @ahmedmagdy86 on

Can we come over, cuddle and watch The Mindy Project? be men and watch football with you?