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35 Awesome Spots to Eat in Sahel This Summer

We like a bikini bod with meat on its bones!

Getting high by the beach is not as easy Lana Del Rey makes it sound, especially in Sahel. Everything is crowded, half your body fluid percentage is already alcohol and then the munchies hit you! You can end up eating through the half eaten frozen macarona bashamel your mom left you a week ago or go through a large chipsy bel tamatem but why abuse your taste buds? Behold, our comprehensive gastronomical Sahel guide!

Mori Sushi

No matter how much we try to deny it, we’re just like our parents – the beach and the sea inspire our appetite for aklet samak. Only difference is that we like our seafood rolled, with rice, and smothered in soy sauce. We are bestowed with Mori Sushi's perfect dose of roll-on-the-beach goodness in Marassi, Diplo, and Platform.

The Smokery

Steak. Need we say more? We will be able to maintain our carnivorous eating habits, and meet our disposition for creative upscale cocktails at The Smokery in Marassi, and act sophisticated as we ask for the rarest meat possible on their deck while we're at it.


Their succulent burgers are just the tip of the iceberg. From potatoes that come in all shapes and forms, to their glorious Elvis dessert, we're hooked. The burger artisans make juicy burgers topped with beautiful savory additions that beg you to bite through them.

Tutti Matti

The long days in the sun, crazy wild nights followed by two hours of sleep leave us drained, but warm Italian food always helps. Tutti Matti, located in Marassi, fills our stomachs – and hearts – with authentic Italian dishes, and colorful thin crust pizzas that go with our beachy outfits. 


Poseidon is going to have to come out of his sea castle for this! Sachi seems to make ambiance hip wherever it goes with its culinary mastery and soft jazzy tunes.


Ted’s has, hands down, the most instagrammable dishes ever. They're like the fruit bowl of the middle ages, from exciting seafood paellas to juicy big burgers, Ted’s can do no wrong. 

White Coast by Loft 21

Everyone seems like they’re partying it up in Mykonos for some reason this summer. But, if you’re like us, and stuck in Egypt, you can still get your olive tan nibbling on souvlakis, and many Mediterranean cuisine delectables while sipping on icy cocktails in the Santorini inspired White Coast in Bianchi.


Oven-baked pizza and the funnest cocktails are the essence of Andiamo in Sahel. Andiamo's lively nights are complete with great bites and great music – now, couple that with good company, and we’re good to go. 

The Tap North

The Tap knows good music and good food – the British pub's third installment serves their signature buckets of chicken wings and juicy burgers, but there's a twist: pool parties every weekend! Beer and bikinis forever.


The revolutionary restaurant and cooking school just came to Sahel. Eatery puts a spin on hearty classics we all love; every dish is made beautifully and utterly from scratch – none of that processed or canned stuff.


The street eats superstars realise that yes, we all like ourselves some lobster risotto and yeah caviar is swell and all, but really, at the end of the day, sogo2 and feteer are everything. Kazouza have set up shop in Lakeyard this summer. Bring on the hawashi.


Sahel: the only place where its acceptable to be perpetually on a verge of an alcohol poisoning. Thankfully, we’ve got Lychee to detoxify our hungover bodies with their fresh green juices and detox programs. Also, it's more ways to serve kale than you thought possible.

Brioche Dorée

Having freshly baked buttery croissant near the sea surely sounds a lot like our dream vacation in Nice, but for now, Brioche Dorée does the job. With its flaky pastries, scrumptious French delicacies, and the most perfect baguette, you'll be speaking French in no time – “One Le Omelette, please.”


High-end Asian cuisine is hard to come by, and we are tired of having to order the same oily sweet and sour chicken, and greasy noodles every single time while eating it with chopsticks with splinters that keep poking us in the mouth. Zentro has a diverse menu of Asian dishes and sushi that you’ve never even heard of before but are definitely worth exploring.

The Batter Half & Co.

Why look for your better half at some beach in Sahel while sucking in your stomach, when you have The Batter Half in Hacienda that makes us all want to die alone and fat – death by their chocolate.


Screw what people say – we are Egyptians, and we don’t do the whole apples, crackers, and brie business on the beach! We love us some kebda and sogo2 after an exhausting day of suntanning, which is why we love the food truck park in Sahel, with its gourmet street food and good vibes.

Gringos Burrito Grill

Escaping the hustling bustling Cairo for some carefree time in Sahel surely resembles that dream of ours that we had ever since we saw The Shawshank Redemption; we break out of prison and run away to some beach in Mexico. But since we're just boring people, Gringo’s fulfills half of our fantasy with tasty fat burritos, loaded tacos and whole lot of Mexican.


How to maintain the bikini bod we worked all winter to get past one week in Sahel, is the generation’s most existential question. Kcal, however, has all the answers, and all your favorite food - except, bikini friendly! Everything is so high on delish and low on calories!


This needed to happen. Stavolta, the Italian Gelateria that creates the most seasonal and creative concoctions of Ice Cream one can think of, is making all our summers way better with their Sahel branch. Who knew hibiscus would make for such a divine ice cream?

7aret Brooklyn

New York met Cairo and it just parked in Sahel. The food truck wittingly called 7aret Brooklyn is where we'll get all our protein with their world class burgers and the cutest hawawshis (Basically, Egypt's version of burgers)!

Sea Salt Bistro

Zamalek's U Bistro & Bar's very own, Sea Salt Bistro, to be found by the sea in Telal, is a harmonious combination of elegant and beachy. It’s French cuisine meets Mediterranean goodness and we are rooting for this marriage!


Turns out there are good and bad calories…which explains a lot (our sad nonexistent bikini body situation). Goodcals proves that there is hope for everyone through its low-calorie low-fat options and appetizing healthy eats.

Just Cook

Just Cook, our mom away from mom, is offering us its food services twice a week in Sahel, so we can kick back, avoid all the Sahel traffic and congestion. We will never leave our compounds again.


Hot Mezze isn't what you call your hot Lebanese friend, it's our favorite thing to devour at Tamara Lebanese Bistro. Their authentic Lebanese dishes, whether manakeesh or shawerma, are always light, rich in flavor and distinctive.

Lemon Tree & Co.

The ambrosial Lemon Tree and Co proves to be the most exciting upscale club-restaurant hybrid wherever we go, be it Marassi, Telal or Cairo. Their exquisite cocktails and enticing food keeps their status as our all-time favorite.


InSeason is a Zamalek hub for all health freaks out there who have a palate for quality organic fresh produce. Their salads are exceptionally seasoned with roasted nuts and the most delightful fruit pieces. We also love their no-added-sugar refreshing watermelon-kiwi popsicles; exactly what we need for the summer and hat summer bod.


This cozy wooden terrace by the beach is splendid for chill evenings with friends and family, where we can have savory mouthwatering steak and flavorsome food. And the nice breeze and the overarching palm trees in Caesar definitely do set the mood.

The Four Fat Ladies

Banana Cake Nutella Frosting, that’s our next sugar coma. The masters of yum and the all-female dietbusters, The Four Fat Ladies are killing us all with their to die for desserts and amazing baked goods.

Café Blanc

Ideal for slowing down in Sahel, Café Blanc is where we go to kick back. The Marassi branch has foolproof shisha and impeccable palatable Lebanese dishes all the way from Beirut.

Raw Republic

Summer is the best time to drink our food! Raw Republic juices are made of the freshest fruits of the season in cold refreshing smoothies and juices for us to sip on by the beach. They even have frozen grapes that we can pop in our mouths and cool down!

Brgr Truck

TruckEgypt’s very own In-n-Out, Brgr Truck has settled again in Hacienda and that's reason enough for us to skip our Cairo responsibilities and settle there too. Maybe start a new life. Their patties are so incredibly light, full of flavor and are embraced by freshly baked soft buns.

Cairo Kitchen

We might pretend to be fancy, but we still go crazy just by the smell of koshari, especially the tantalizing scent of that golden crispy ta2leya. Cairo Kitchen knows we can’t resist and no bikini nonsense is going to stop us! 

La Bodega

The atmosphere is charming, with a rustic element enhanced by the sound of great music playing in the background. One of the few places where we can uncork a wine bottle, sit back and have a fancy exquisite meal.


Just thinking of their burgers excites our taste buds. Ravish, in Diplo, has spawned an amazing set of meaty polished burgers topped with exciting savory topping served with huuuge buckets of fries.

Gelato Mio

The dairy artisans are constantly coming up with new inventions for us to face the heat; Ice Cream flavors, sorbets and a bunch more of iced goodness. Their creamy avocado ice cream is the original Smooth Criminal.